Thank you for helping usher in the Jewish year of 5784 … sweetly and powerfully!

Dirah provides a place for people to belong. To feel at home. To celebrate their Judaism and feel connected to the community. And with the High Holidays approaching, we will be bringing the joy, warmth and inspiration to hundreds of people across the community. Your support makes this happen.

It is tradition to increase in charity during the High Holidays. Our sages teach that when we are charitable and generous to others, G-d is charitable and generous with us. Your donation will open chanels of blessings for a sweet and healthy New Year.

We will be creating a display for the High Holidays called The Caring Wall, where every person who gives will be listed. Thank you for caring!

Dirah is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit. To donate from a Fund or Foundation - or via Venmo, Zelle or check - please email


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