May 25-27, 2023

Shavuot with Dirah

Shavuot marks the day that the Torah was given at Sinai, more than 3000 years ago. We are looking forward to celebrating Shavuot with you!

Experience Shavuot with a live reading of the 10 Commandments followed by an ice cream party (with all the toppings) & a delectable dairy dinner. 

Gluten & lactose intolerant options will be available.

6:00pm: Torah Reading service & Ice Cream Party | 6:45pm: Delectable Dairy Dinner

at Hannah Senesh, 342 Smith St.

Blessing of the Babies and Jewish Naming Ceremony

Shavuot is the day that we received the Torah at Mount Sinai - and according to tradition the children were chosen as guarantors. We will be including a special blessing for babies born in the past year and a Jewish naming ceremony for all ages. 

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