Dirah is proud to offer a complimentary package of 3 matzahs for the Seder. 

Handmade. Hearth Baked. Shmurah Matzah is a unique Matzah that is overseen (Shmurah) from the moment the wheat is harvested until the hand-rolled Matzah is out of the brick oven. The traditional round Matzahs are ideal for the Seder use and are referred to in the Zohar as the “bread of healing and faith.” Shmurah Matzahs is great for your family Seder or as a gift to someone who needs it!

You can also order an additional box of 3 Matzahs, or by the pound. 

Please note: Matzah will be available for pick up the week before Passover from Dirah, on the corner of Smith and 9th St. If you need your matzah shipped or delivered, please email office@dirahbrooklyn.org. For Hannah Senesh parents, please indicate in the comments and Matzah will be available for pick up from the school.

If you would like to purchase additional Matzah, please write the amount below.
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