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Delve deep inside Passover traditions and practices to prepare you to make the most of your Jewish holiday experience.

Tuesday, March 21 - Leaving Egypt in 2023

There’s more to the Matzah than the crunch. The ancient Jewish super-food is the centerpiece of the Seder and the symbol of Passover. Learn the fascinating history and spiritual symbolism of the Passover staple that the Jews ate as they were journeying from Egypt - and learn how it can help you grow in your own personal life journey.

Tuesday, March 28 - Creating a Memorable Seder

Explore the meaningful structure of the Seder and learn how to confidently have an engaging Seder that will get everyone involved. From the Mah Nishtana to the 4 cups of wine - this class will super-charge your Seder.

March 21st, 2023 8:00 PM
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