Why we started hebrew to you

We dreamt that every Jewish child in Brooklyn has access to an engaging Jewish education that makes them proud of their heritage and breeds a sense of belonging in the Jewish community.

We wanted them to have an opportunity to experience and appreciate the Holidays, to explore Jewish history and values in a relatable way, to be comfortable in the language of their ancestors and familiar with the prayers sang in synagogues around the world.

We brainstormed how to make Jewish learning more relevant, personal and accessible in today's fast-paced world. Our experience and thinking led is to rethink the classic Hebrew School model and create a Jewish program that is accessible while still relevant, engaging, and fun. Thus, Hebrew to You was born.

Who are we?

Leah Wolf, MS Ed., Co-Director

Born and raised in Park Slope in a family that was dedicated to Jewish community and outreach, Leah began her involvement in Jewish education at an early age.

Leah completed her Masters and holds NY State certification in both Regular and Special Education. Wife and mother of four, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and is a passionate and nurturing educator, with extensive experience in both formal and informal Jewish learning settings.

Rabbi Menashe Wolf, Co-Director

Rabbi Menashe was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and has spent time teaching, learning and directing educational and outreach programs in Jewish communities around the world. 

As a father of 4 young children, Menashe understands the need for progressive educational opportunities for our youth and believes it plays a key role in ensuring passionate, involved Jewish family engagement.

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