Hebrew to You

The Details

What is Hebrew To you?

Hebrew to You is an alternative Hebrew School model that brings Judaism to you and creates a learning experience that is tailored to your child. 

You choose the topics of interest. You set the time. You set the location.  

We recognize that every family has its own Jewish identity and learning goals - and also their own schedule. So instead of trying to group everyone together in one class, we offer lessons on Judaism and Hebrew that come to you.

Our teachers are passionate and experienced educators and all of our lessons include activities and crafts, and are designed to bring the learning to life for the students. 

We are currently servicing the Gowanus and Carroll Gardens neighborhoods.

How it works

Gather a Group

The standard class has a minimum of 2 families or 3 children. Reach out to your friends and neighbors to form a class. (Don't know any families to join with? We'll try connect you with other families, or you can opt for the private tutoring option)

Choose Your Learning Goals

What do you want your child's Jewish learing to focus on? How much Jewish background do they have already? We'll work with you to set the topics, goals and level that is right for your child.

Pick a Time and Place

Find a time and place that works for you. Figure out what time is most convenient for you, and choose a location. We can come to your home, meet at the library or any local space that is open. NOTE: Another adult must be on premises during class time.

Want to Find Out More?

Leave us your name and phone number and we'll call you to answer all your questions about Hebrew To You.


We do our best to make our program accessible to all Jewish families. That’s why our prices are beyond competitive and all-inclusive (we don’t believe in hidden membership fees, book fees, registration fees, or any other hidden fees).*

Group Lessons (3+ students)

$300 per student per 6-week session

Semi-Private Lessons (2 students)

$360 per student per 6-week session

Private Tutoring or Bar Mitzvah Training

$80 per session (40 minutes)

*No child is ever turned away from our programs for lack of funds.

Enrollment process

You’re ready to start your child on their personal journey of Jewish learning and growth. The final step left is to fill out the enrollment form and schedule your Hebrew to You class

Enrollment process:

Gather your pod. Does your child(ren) have any friends that they'd love to group together with? Do you know other families that would love to join the Hebrew to You experience? The standard Hebrew to You class has 2 families or 3 children. (Don't know any families to join with? We'll try connect you with other families, or you can opt for the private tutoring option if that's the best fit for you.)

Fill out the form. Head on over to the enrollment form by clicking the link below and fill out all of your info. Once your form is received, we will reach out to to schedule a meeting.

Create a tailored program. We'll schedule a time to talk to you to determine your learning goals and tailor a curriculum that is the right fit for your child, and finalize a time and location.


What topics do you offer?

We tailor each class to help your child reach their educational goals. Current subjects include Jewish history, Tefillah (prayer), Parsha (weekly Torah portion), Holidays, Community Values, Hebrew language, Jewish stories and songs, among others, and we’re always open to new ideas, too!

What if I don't know other families to create a group with?

Its important for children to learn with other kids so they can gain from the group environment, learn from the questions and comments posed by their peers, and forge great friendships. Typically, our group classes a minimum of 2 families or 3 children. Whenever possible, we will do our best to help you pair your child up with at least one other child at their grade level.

In some cases, private tutoring will better help your child achieve their goals, and we offer that too!

With small personalized classes, how will my child make other Jewish friends?

We offer exciting programming throughout the year that brings children from all of our classes together. From holiday events like Shofar Factory, Matzah Bakery, and Purim Party to children's programs and family Shabbat dinners, there's always something fun and exciting brewing for our families to come together and join.

How does Bar and Bat Mitzvah tutoring work?

No two students are alike, and their Bar or Bat Mitzvahs shouldn't either be. We work with families to create a tailored study program and ceremony that highlights the child's unique journey into Jewish adulthood. The Bar and Bat Mitzvah tutoring is done one-to-one to facilitate a personally meaningful experience. Bar and Bat Mitzvah tutoring is complimented by regular Hebrew to You sessions, and can be done in addition to them.